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JARDINs D'EDEN, provisoirement
(GARDENs OF EDEN, temporarily)

Inspired by the works of Théodore Monod and Albert Jacquard.

A poetic, dreamlike and metaphysical stroll, this show evokes the question of happiness. Individual happiness or collective happiness, construction of people, complexity of relationships between beings, awakening of consciousness, delicious encounters in painful exchanges, JARDINs d'EDEN, temporairement addresses universal notions: Circle, Cycle, Time, Relativity are at the heart of this carnal reflection on happiness. The bodies talk to each other, fly away, shamelessly grab hold of each other, bring us back to the frantic rush of our daily lives, the only goal of which would be the worship of objects ... Humor is never far away.

"Happiness thrives on the wonder of feeling alive. I would like this show to be a breath, a moment of respite that questions and invites discussion. "

“In a daily media life where everything seems to be tearing apart, I wanted to talk about the happiness of living, to rub shoulders with others, to hover in the air ... to dance, to jump, to feel others share the same ship, to feel their body, their breath. The happiness of being there.” Florence Caillon.

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