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For almost twenty years, L’EOLIENNE's creations have carried the circus identity of Florence Caillon, who initiates and develops a language that she calls "choreographed circus". She strives to choreograph circus vocabulary, notably using body states and different principles of dance writing.

Very quickly, she lost interest in academic circus prowess, preferring other forms of solicitation of the body, freer and less competitive.

Over the years and through her creations, Florence Caillon deepens a fragmented approach to acrobatic movement where notions of fragility, softness, imbalance, momentum and variation in energy form the foundations of her circus language. Attached to humanist values, she seeks an acrobatic movement that is located in places of weakness, at the hinges, interferes in the faults and comes to seek the instinctive energies of the body.

The use of voices in all its forms, the presence accorded to music and the exploration of invented apparatus also mark the identity of L'Éolienne.

A faithful follower of multidisciplinarity, Florence Caillon draws on codes from other disciplines (yoga, visual arts, theater). She is also a composer for television, cinema and performing arts.

Creations by l’EOLIENNE:
Polar cirque (1999), Séquences (2003), Uncabared (2004), Jardins d'Eden provisoirement (2005), Marie-Louise (2007), L'Iceberg (2010), Passion Simple (2013), The Safe Word (2015), Souffle (2015-17), Flux Tendu (2015), Lance-moi en l’air (2015-17), Les Echappées collection of short pieces, Sous la Peau (2018), AuDelà DeNous (2019).

L’EOLIENNE is a company subsidized by the Ministry of Culture / Drac of Normandy, the Regional Council of Normandy and the city of Rouen.

L’EOLIENNE is a member of the SCC – Syndicat des Cirques et Compagnies de Creation

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Artistic director

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