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Chorale for 5 trapezes – 201 creation – 2017 recreation

The term "just-in-time" is an industry-specific production standard, also referred to as "five zeros", corresponding to zero failure, zero lead time, zero paper, zero inventory and zero defect. In response to this ideology of ultra-control and perfection, Florence Caillon endeavors to choreograph errors, flaws, weaknesses; she breaks down the movements, uses slowness, tremors, falls, and has fun with all the little unknown and hidden movements of this circus discipline: the trapeze.

In a sober and radical aesthetic, Flux Tendu stages five trapezes and a continuous rhythm subjected to a constant and imperceptible acceleration. With meticulous work on the decomposition of movement and acrobatic posture, Florence Caillon here continues her acro-choreographic exploration, develops a way of moving in the air that deconstructs traditional body paths, and enriches the vocabulary of the trapeze discipline with a new language.

Flux Tendu can be performed as a diptych, as the second part of Souffle.

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