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AuDelà (Beyond)


Everyday object that welcomes introspection, rest, waiting, reflection, the sofa shelters our bodies in their phases of stasis and of regeneration. It is a space of reflective intimacy. A poetic force emanates from its presence, whether it is outdoor or isolated in the middle of a theater stage.

AuDelà is a foray into the intimate universe of two solitary bodies.

An inventive, poetic, rebellious and sometimes absurd solitude; face to face with the limits of one’s own body, its uniqueness, its possibilities. Then the encounter with a fellow man. Same loneliness on the same sofa. Suddenly the movement accelerates...

AuDelà takes up the choreographic principles kneaded by Florence Caillon for many years: momentum, spirals, falls, balances, jumps, contortions, small everyday gestures, sluggishness, decomposition of movements, slowness. AuDelà relies on the energies driven by the music, following them in a very organic way: melody, rhythm, repeats, silences, calls ...

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