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VocalDanz Bitume
(VocalDanz Asphalt)



Vocal Danz Bitume is a piece for 10 dancers using a choreographic language linked to vocal and bodily rhythms - breaths, exhalations and inspirations, body sounds - linked to movement.

The energy transmitted by movement takes on another dimension outdoors in the open. It is more organic, it spreads and communicates freely.

With Vocal Danz Bitumee, we think of the urban environment as a natural scenographic space that is both a playing medium and a material for improvisation. Inhabiting public spaces, shaking up the city and its habits by redrawing urban images, playing with codes, as the surrealists did in the past, to take another look at everyday things: make the street a place of meeting, of mixing, of cosmopolitan wonder and of openness to the world.

A group of strange, quirky characters invest the landscape. They dance, freeze and reinvent the gestures of an everyday life that are both realistic and absurd: queue, improvised nap in the middle of the road, climbing on street furniture, waiting at the bus stop, discussion on a bench , meeting with a spectator ... Throughout the stroll, punctuated by a few stops, the dancers will alternate group movements, solos and duets.

I wish for a group that decomposes and recomposes itself, sometimes a compact mass traversed by energy, sometimes a motley assemblage of individuals linked by a thin thread ...

With Vocal Danz Bitume, we want to transport the quirky universe of l’Eolienne to the streets.

In a society that divides and separates, to provoke encounters, to share emotion and to build with the public a space of free trade sparkling with energy.

The choice of resolutely offbeat costumes is in phase with the energy of a show that we want rhythmic, playful and punchy... When they display color, it is thus to assert this discordant tone, apart from the trends and fashions: this outfit allows the dancers to fully assume their difference, paved in a pool of sartorial canons and fashionable looks. They are themselves, outside the dictates of fashion, beings of flesh and tutus.

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