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A nod to traditional music-hall numbers – Created in 2004 (1h30)

A nod to traditional music hall numbers, Uncabared mixes in an unusual and offbeat way, the repertoire of L'Attirail and the acro-choreographic universe of L'Eolienne.

Uncabared plays with the codes of the music-hall, the circus and the cabaret.

There is something fascinating in this murky world of cabaret - a little dark but very colorful -, in the strange world of these places on the fringes, a little sweaty, where everything is often so close to "too much". The characters do not control their emotions or their appearance ... they play at life in an invented setting. Laughter is very present, like an outlet, and the tears are never very far behind, because here, everything is a little false, a little rigged.


Florence Caillon started out as a dancer in Parisian cabarets (Alcazar, Paradis, Crazy Horse) - a very formative experience although far removed from her concerns today. This cabaret universe is nevertheless a strong imprint that tints his work with great sensuality. "I wanted to reclaim the memories and emotions that float in my mind. I wanted to have fun with these images that I find both fascinating and out of place." (Florence Caillon)

Cabaret - L'Eolienne

Offbeat atmospheres, smells of the night, festive and carefree mood, thwarted love ...

Relationships are made and broken in corners, in shadows ...

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