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Acrobatic solo for a male artist (15 min) – 2018 creation

Based on an unpublished text by Brigitte Giraud, imagined over the course of conversations, Florence Caillon writes a circus choreography around virility and masculinity.

"At a time when the status of women is in great progress in our Western societies, I wanted with this new piece, to question the masculine, the place of man, his identity, and the injunctions to which he is himself also confronted with throughout his construction.

What is it to be a man? Is there only one model? What do we call "virility"? Can we choose the man or the woman we want to become?

I particularly want to pass these questions on to the younger generations. I hope they will open up their choices and get rid of overly cumbersome stereotypes. "

Part of the Les Échappées collection.

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