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Named for the space between the image and the frame of a painting, Marie-Louise is a sensory and emotional walk around painting. From Hieronymus Bosch to Edward Hopper, including Miró and Egon Schiele, this show seeks to capture different pictorial universes in order to extract themes, colors and emotions. Inspired by works from various periods, the creative work begins with a pictorial aesthetic to explore its resonances in our contemporary world.

Moved by what painting reveals about ourselves, Florence Caillon invites us on a pictorial walk.

On a large screen reminiscent of cinematographic projection, paintings appear as a metaphor for life. Gigantic. Troubling. And yet familiar ...

The show revolves around the idea of the incarnation: of the body and its links. Body in weightlessness, body in movement, social or hierarchical body, above or below, body in danger, body disillusioned, waiting, body at ease, body contorted, body in struggle ...

In search of a balance between the content (exploration of the symbolic, relationship to the social and political world, openness to psychoanalysis ...) and the form (affirmed mix of circus and choreographic techniques, creation of apparatus, writing of original scores, privileged work with light ...), Florence Caillon places Marie-Louise in the continuity of L’Eolienne approach.

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