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Florence Caillon




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After an initial career as an actress (Conservatoires d'arrondissements of Paris 5th, 13th, 10th) and cabaret dancer (Alcazar, Paradis Latin and Crazy Horse), Florence Caillon now leads two parallel activities: that of circus choreographer and that of a composer.

In 1999, she founded L’EOLIENNE and developed a mix between the circus movement and dance, which she called "choreographed circus". While initiating this mixture of circus techniques and dance gesture, she quickly lost interest in traditional circus prowess and preferred other forms of solicitation of the body, less sensational and less competitive. Currently, she is pursuing research on the decomposition of acrobatic movement, on the ground and in the air, and on the instinctive energies of the body.

A composer of music for image, she has to her credit some sixty feature films (TV and cinema). For ten years (2002-2012), she created the music for the Boulevard du Palais series for France Télévision. In 2006, she won the Music Prize at the TV Fiction Festival for Le sang des fraises, directed by Manuel Poirier. She also composes for young people, in particular the song in the credits of the cartoon Les histoires du Père Castor. In 2018, she composed the music for the feature film Qui a tué Lady Winsley, by Hiner Saleem.

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